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Natural Asthetik aims
to bring a little beauty into your everyday


Location: Hampstead, London, United Kingdom

Design: Tom Lawrence-Levy, Natural Asthetik

Hampstead may be the most beautiful residential area of London (controversial opinion). When faced with designing this space, we wanted to create a warm space, but keep it more on the modern side.

While we usually opt for neutral furniture, we were inspired by much of the red brick homes throughout the area and wanted to bring some of the warmth outside inward. From the start we knew we wanted to use the Julep, designed by Jonas Wagell for Tacchini Italia Forniture Srl. The curves of the sofas, especially when paired together, create an intimate and cozy space. We were also completely in love with the asymmetrical custom rug we had made for this home.

For the bathroom, we always wanted to use the Borghi tub by Antonio Lupi. It may honestly be the hottest bath tub ever made. The only issue was deciding on a color, but we love the Mostato color we went with.

We also really wanted a toned down kitchen, but keep it interesting. So we went with a back tiled backsplash to add a little texture, and make it a less boring that your standard stone or glass backsplash. These tiles went perfectly with the beams, and gave the home a slight Mediterranean touch.

Let us know what you think!

If you have a space you would like help with, or any more questions about our work please contact us at hello[at]

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