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Natural Asthetik aims
to bring a little beauty into your everyday

Fort Lauderdale

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Design: Tom Lawrence-Levy, Natural Asthetik

We are currently working on a project in Fort Lauderdale and while creating this family's dream kitchen, we were faced with a few obstacles. The first being that, the layout of the kitchen could not be changed. The second issue being that this house lacked storage.

As many of you have probably seen via Instagram and magazines open shelving is so in! However, for a house that already lacked storage, it just wasn't practical. We opted for some open shelving just for styling purposes, but had to make use of all the space.

In order to try and not make the kitchen look purely like a storage unit, we opted to go with a fluted wood island and continue the fluting on the lower cabinets of the kitchen. I think fluting softens the feel of the kitchen and makes it look less stark.

We continued with the fluting into the living room, to create a more cohesive overall space.

I love how the bathrooms turned out here. Both bathrooms have a super clean look, without being too start and boring.

What do you guys think?

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