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Natural Asthetik aims
to bring a little beauty into your everyday

Belsize Park

Location: Belsize Park, London, United Kingdom

Design: Tom Lawrence-Levy, Natural Asthetik

When designing this North West London Project, we really wanted to create a warm space, but maintain a lighter and more neutral palette.

I love working with neutrals because I personally get sick of colors. I prefer the idea of creating a neutral space and then adding color through accessories, plants, and art.

This one space houses three different areas, so we wanted to create a space that flows, and feels cohesive. I’m also a big fan of mixing textures and elements, so because we went very heavy with the wood paneling on the walls and in the kitchen, I wanted to avoid using wood for most of the furniture and larger pieces. We wanted everything else to feel softer and lighter. We opted for a glass dining table in order to not congest the space. We also used various marble and stones for other pieces to add some texture and depth to the space, while remaining in that neutral palette and avoiding busy grains or patterns.

If you have a space you would like help with, or any more questions about our work please contact us at hello[at]

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