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Natural Asthetik aims
to bring a little beauty into your everyday

About Natural Asthetik

Natural, Timeless.

Natural Asthetik aims to bring a little beauty into your everyday. 


Inspired by nature, Natural Asthetik is a destination where the simplicity of natural materials meets the complexity of intricate design. Motivated by captivating interiors, we marvel at the creatives who are consistently pushing the boundaries of design. 


Natural Asthetik showcases the importance of minimalism, and the uniqueness of the Earth’s natural colors and textures, often revealing that a little creativity can go a long way. 

Tom Lawrence-Levy holds an interdisciplinary approach to his work and life. Tom lives by the belief that no one can be defined by one quality or characteristic, and that utilizing your strengths will always lead you into the right direction. He is motivated by the idea that our home, personal experiences, and aesthetic are the staples to what brings us the most joy. They share with us our most intimate moments, greatest memories, and lasting experiences of our lives. 


Tom designs his clients’ homes with the idea that good design, paired with functionality and clean lines, is timeless. He believes that one’s home should be a reflection of themselves, their family, and the moments created in it. 


Besides working within the interior design industry, Tom is also an Attorney within the states of New York and Florida. 


He currently lives between Miami and London taking on projects globally. 

About Tom Lawrence-Levy

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Explore some of most loved destinations, restaurants, and everything lifestyle. 

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Shop our favorite pieces and collections both by Natural Asthetik and various designers and artisans around the world. 

Natural Asthetik is an interior design and lifestyle company,
offering design services, lifestyle guides and a shop. 

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